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Posted by on Feb 25, 2016 in Books

Simple Shoulder Solution

Simple Shoulder Solution

A Guide to Safely Mobilize and Bulletproof Your Shoulders


Authors:  Max Shank

Where to get: Simple Shoulder Solution

Who should read: Those who currently have shoulder issues, or who have suffered from chronic shoulder issues in the past. People who have had shoulder injuries/surgeries in the past and still don’t feel that they’re back to their best. Anyone who feels that they lack shoulder range of motion or that their shoulders aren’t strong and stable. Those who want to get the most out of their gymnastics or strength training.

Who shouldn’t read: People who aren’t willing to put in the time and effort that’s requires to build mobile, and stable, shoulders. Those who already have perfect shoulder mechanics and don’t need to improve anything when it comes to shoulders (probably not you). Those who want in-depth and lengthy descriptions of shoulder anatomy and biomechanics.

Overall idea: The glenohumeral joint (ball and socket) is the most mobile and vulnerable joint in the body, and therefore it requires a lot of stability. While shoulder pain and injury are most often seen in the glenohumeral joint, the cause is usually related to dysfunction in other areas- breathing patterns, core stability, spinal mobility, or scapulothoracic function. Addressing these areas first allows us to make true and lasting changes in the shoulder itself.

“One common problem when it comes to getting and retaining new shoulder movement is the lack of a follow up movement to lock it in. When you gain a new range of motion, that’s awesome, but you need to do something to keep it there.”

 – Simple Shoulder Solution


The shoulder is one of the most vulnerable joints in the body, making it prone to both acute and chronic injuries. In order to function correctly and stay healthy, the shoulder requires a huge amount of mobility and stability, and the exact combination of each. Without the right combination, the body will either restrict motion to protect itself, or we’ll end up suffering an injury. Either way, the result is oftentimes pain and decreased performance.

Most trainers/coaches/practitioners understand this and so they create shoulder programs to work on the glenohumeral (ball and socket) joint, increasing mobility and then doing some rotator cuff exercises to stabilize it. The really savvy people know to look upstream and address the base of the shoulder “crane”- the scapulothoracic joint. They may even add in some thoracic spine mobilizing to reduce the need for excessive shoulder motion.

Very few programs, however, truly get the shoulder right. If we want to optimize shoulder range of motion and stability we need to look even further upstream, to the base of it all- the core and the way that we breathe.

Simple_Shoulder_Solution_Diagram (1)

That is what makes Max Shank’s new book Simple Shoulder Solution so special, it addresses the shoulder from the inside out, from the foundation up. It starts by teaching us to create optimal breathing patterns and core activation (with shoulder specific variations). It then addresses spinal mobility and strength so that before we even look at the shoulder girdle itself, we’ve already created a strong foundation for movement (not just for the shoulder, it’ll benefit the hips as well). This approach allows us to make faster, and more meaningful, changes in the shoulder itself.

We also love that Max added sections on nerve-flossing and putting it all together. Mobility and stability are awesome, but for most of us, the goal is to then put strength and performance on top of it.

This book is geared towards everyone, from the person who simply wants to be able to reach those high shelves without pain, to serious Olympic weightlifters and gymnasts who want to take their performance to the next level and remain injury-free. Simple Shoulder Solution is easy-to-read and easy-to-implement, with tons of pictures and detailed descriptions of the movements.

You guys know that we don’t waste your time with recommending so-so stuff, we only want to share with you the best stuff that we come across, and Simple Shoulder Solution definitely qualifies. It’s not a textbook on the shoulder, so if that’s what you’re looking for, this might not be for you. This book is designed to cut through complicated shoulder biomechanics and anatomy to give you simple things that you can do today to optimize shoulder function.

We highly recommend that you check out Simple Shoulder Solution, or if you’re still not convinced, watch Max’s free shoulder webinars (which are also very good) and then decide. Both can be found by clicking on any of the links or pictures, including the book below:

Simple Shoulder Solution Ebook Image



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