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Posted by on Nov 18, 2015 in Blog

Enter the Mind of the Dragon

Enter the Mind of the Dragon

75 Years of Bruce Lee’s Wisdom



On November 27th, 2015 Bruce Lee would have turned 75 years old. And as he is for many others, Bruce Lee is a great hero of mine.

Generations of kids have grown up idolizing Bruce. From posters on the wall, to “waaaaaaaah” screams before mock fights, to fumbling around with nunchucks until we invariably hit ourselves in the head (or for many people, worse spots).

We recognized something in Bruce that was unique. Just as with Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Muhammed Ali, and Michael Jordan, we saw greatness in Bruce Lee. He was unlike any other person before or after him- a true superstar who was not afraid to be the absolute best version of himself, whether people appreciated it or not.

He may not have been the best actor ever. Some of his movies seem absurd when watched with today’s eyes (although his fight with Chuck Norris at the Colosseum will always be badass). That being said, he created the bar by which all other martial arts movies and actors are to be judged. He influenced numerous writers, directors, producers, and actors and became the archetype for the martial artist in our Western culture.

Many criticize his fighting abilities and say that he wasn’t actually a great fighter, just a showman of martial arts. It’s hard to say. But it’s hard to argue that anyone else did more for bringing martial arts to the masses than Bruce did. Many credit him with being the founder of mixed martial arts. Whether he was or wasn’t, his “style of no style” was, and still is, a completely revolutionary way of looking at martial arts (or any other form of physical practice for that matter). A majority of fighters and martial artists today will tell you that Bruce Lee had some sort of influence on them.

While many know him for his movies and fighting scenes, what I find even more intriguing about Bruce was his ideas. It could easily be argued that he was one of the best philosophers of the 20th century. He combined traditional Taoist and Eastern traditions and ideas with Western swagger and charisma. He found a balance between humble Zen and unabashed confidence and strength. He brought us his ideas before Eastern thought and philosophy was freely accepted in the West and planted the seeds for generations of us to explore these ideas further.

In order to honor Bruce Lee and the 75th anniversary of his birth, we at Higher Performance Network are going to be looking at some of our favorite ideas of his. Each day, from 11/21/2015 through 11/27/2015, we’re going to “Enter the Mind of the Dragon”. We’ll be highlighting a quote or idea of Bruce’s, and look briefly at how it relates to our modern-day quest for optimal human performance. We’ll look at each idea from a number of different viewpoints, as much of his wisdom has physical, mental, and spiritual implications.  Hopefully it will either introduce you to some of the philosophies and ideas of Bruce Lee, or if you’re already familiar, it’ll reinforce the brilliance of the wisdom that he shared with us.

So stay tuned and check in daily during that week for new posts in our “Enter the Mind of the Dragon” series! To get you excited for it, here’s one of our favorite Youtube videos (by Absolute Motivation) looking at some of the wisdom of Bruce Lee:


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