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Posted by on Jun 4, 2015 in Best of the Month

Best of May 2015

Best of May 2015


We’ve compiled a list of some of the “best of” new research, articles, and videos that we found on the internet over the past month. By no means is this list exhaustive, just some of the things that we came across that we liked over the last month.


Quotes of the Day

Below are our top 5 favorite “Quotes of the Day” that we posted in May…


Bruce Lee  5



Colin Powell 2



Muhammad Ali1



Soren Kierkegaard



Ralph Waldo Emerson2



Interesting New Research

  • FMS logoMay was the month for research into functional movement screens. A number of articles came out looking at the predictability of FMS when it comes to performance and/or predisposition to injury. Below are a few of the good FMS-related studies from the last month:
    • Efficacy of Functional Movement Screening For Predicting Injuries:
    • A look at using Functional Movement Screening to identify physical fitness in school-aged children:




  • We live in the age of using incredibly advanced HR monitors and other gadgets to determine training intensity levels. It’s awesome to be able to pull up on your phone or computer exactly what your body was doing throughout a workout and then use that to plan future workouts. But is it necessary? The Talk Test has been used in the running world since the beginning of forever and it’s possibly the most simplistic way to measure exertion levels. A recent study found that it also is incredibly accurate and can be effectively used as a primary method of determining exercise intensity. Check it out:



Awesome Articles


  • If there’s one name to know when it comes to rehab, it’s Dr. Stuart McGill. From his research on “core” muscle activation/firing patterns and spinal stabilization to his “Big 3” rehab exercises (Bird Dog, Side Plank, and McGill sit-up), it’s easy to see why McGill is one of the biggest names in the game. And on top of all of that, he has a killer mustache. Dr. John Rusin AKA “The Strength Doc” hasn’t been around as long as Dr. McGill, but he’s still one of the best out there today in the world of fitness and physical therapy (check out his award-winning blog here). You can imagine how excited we were when these two got together to discuss one of the most controversial issues in fitness today- Is CrossFit safe or is it setting us up for injury? This interview is a must-read for anyone, whether you do CrossFit, or any other form of exercise!




  • Sex is a messy thing when it comes to, well everything, but particularly our hormones and the effect that it has on our body. For this reason, many people wonder how sex impacts our workouts and sports performance. Some people swear off the ol’ in-out in-out when training for competition, while others swear by it’s relaxing and immune-boosting effects. Dr. Jade Teta helps us out with what the science is saying when it comes to sex and training/competition:


  • If you follow us on social media or have read our previous “Best ofs”, you know that we love Ultimate Athleticism creator Max Shank. We believe that his Bruce Lee-esque approach to fitness and strength is the best way to create all-around athleticism. During May, Max launched his 5-minute flow campaign. The basic idea is that in only 5 minutes a day, anyone can increase strength and mobility (as well as tons of other positive benefits) in their body and ultimately, change their life. Follow Max on Instagram for ideas to improve your daily Flow practice:


  • Like many things in this world, nutrition is plagued by dogma, fads, and incorrect thinking. Throw all of it out the window and get a fresh start in your approach to your nutrition. Awesome article from Ben House and our friends over at Onnit Academy:


  • The spine is the conduit between the supercomputer that is the brain, and the body. It also is the basic support for mobility and stability of the body. For this reason, maintaining a healthy spine should be a daily practice. This month, Australian super-trainer Andrew Read gave us a pretty sweet daily workout for our spines. Check it out:


meditation-609235_1920 (1)


New from Higher Performance Network

We must ask for your forgiveness. During the month of May, we totally failed at fulfilling our promise to all of you readers of posting original, unique, high-quality content on Higher Performance Network. We do however have some great stuff coming out during the month of June so don’t abandon us quite yet. To tide you over until then, below are a few of our favorite articles that we’ve posted so far this year.


Brain Shiny

  • Every athlete’s nightmare is sustaining a serious injury and not being able to train or compete for a period of time. Unfortunately, if you play any sport long enough, you’ll find yourself there. What if there was a way to improve you’re recovery time in order to come back quicker and stronger? And all you had to do was sit in a chair and imagine. That’s right, by simply imagining doing rehab, you can decrease muscular atrophy and strength losses by 50% in an immobilized joint. We aren’t sure why everyone in sports medicine isn’t talking about this, but we’re doing are part to spread the message!


Static Stretching




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