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Posted by on Aug 7, 2015 in Best of the Month

Best of July 2015

Best of July 2015


We’ve compiled a list of some of the “best of” new research, articles, and videos that we found on the internet over the past month. By no means is this list exhaustive, just some of the things that we came across and liked in July 2015.

Quotes of the Day

Below are our top 5 favorite “Quotes of the Day” that we posted in July…

Benjamin Disraeli 1


Martin Luther King Jr 1


Bruce Lee 7


Josiah Gilbert Holland1


Muhammad Ali2


Interesting New Research

  • If you’ve read any of our articles or follow us on social media, you probably know that we are big believers in using the power of the mind to enhance performance. We believe that “placebo” should no longer be a dirty word, but instead viewed as one of the greatest tools that we have for advancing performance. This month an awesome new research study, from The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, showed the power of placebo when it comes to significantly improving sprint performance in a fatigued state:



  • Many of us use ultrasound regularly with patients to help facilitate soft tissue healing, but there hasn’t been a ton of scientific evidence to support it. This month, a new study showed that ultrasound can indeed play an effective role not only in accelerating acute injury healing, but also in promoting healing in chronic injuries as well:


  • Traumatic brain injuries are in the spotlight these days in sports medicine, as we’re starting to realize the seriousness of these injuries and figuring out the best ways to prevent and treat them. A new research article looked at athletes who had suffered concussions and found that their motor control was inhibited causing increased likelihood for acute lower extremity injuries:


Ice Bath 1

  • One of the most contentious issues in sports medicine and recovery right now is whether to ice or not ice. Everyone has their opinion, and we do as well, but we’ll also admit that there needs to continue to be more research looking into this issue. In July, another article came out questioning the use of ice after showing that post-exercise cold water immersion slows the rate of muscle adaptation and may inhibit long-term muscle growth:



Awesome Articles

Athletic Lab logo

  • This month we’re spotlighting some articles from the team at Athletic Lab. Besides being one of the premier training facilities and performance teams in North Carolina, Athetic Lab also does a great job of posting tons of informative articles on their site. If you’re ever in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area stop by and check them out. Until then, swing by their site and give their blog a read, you won’t be disappointed. Below we posted some of their awesome articles from July:


  • Proper digestion is crucial for getting the necessary nutrients for optimal body physiology. I think we can all agree that that’s pretty clear. But the causes of poor digestion are a little more murky, and simply addressing diet may not be enough. Performance coach and nutritionist, Kevin Cann, looked at the role that stress can play in ruining our digestion in this awesome article:


  • Handstands are the shit… handstands are also really hard if you haven’t done them before. What’s the solution? Max Shank gives us one of the best guides out there on how to prep yourself for turning your world upside down and mastering the handstand:



  • A couple of months ago we featured an awesome interview that Dr. John Rusin did with Dr. Stuart McGill… We thought it could get any better from there. Well The Strength Doc did it again, this time by sitting down with mobility pioneer and MobilityWOD founder Kelly Starrett to talk about CrossFit, how the elite of the elite train, balancing good mechanics with pushing yourself, and much more. If you’re interested at all in movement or CrossFit, check this interview out:




New from Higher Performance Network

This month we really got into Heart Rate Variability testing and exploring some of the benefits that it can provide. With the help of The Result Cult, we let you know why HRV testing is something that you should check out, and we lead you to the necessary tools for getting started…

  • In today’s fitness/athletics world there are all kinds of new tools and gadgets out there to record and measure what’s going on in our bodies. Most of them are unnecessary or overkill. HRV training may be one of the few exceptions though…



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