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Posted by on Mar 3, 2015 in Best of the Month

Best of February 2015

Best of February 2015


We’ve compiled a list of some of the best articles and videos that we found on the internet over the past month. Because this is the first “Best of the Month” post, we’ve included some content that was put out in January as well. By no means is this list exhaustive, just some of the things that we came across over the last month.


Quotes of the Day

Below are our top 5 favorite “Quotes of the Day” that we posted in February…

bruce lee


Henry David Thoreau



Laird Hamilton



Will Smith 3



Arnold Schwarzenegger


Interesting New Research


DNA and meditation



Dr. Rhonda Patrick



  • It’s commonly understood that getting the correct amount of sleep is incredibly important for health and performance. This recent study provides an interesting look into how circadian rhythm affects performance during different times of the day.



  • Bodybuilders have long known that focusing on a muscle while training it leads to better results. Now there’s science that supports this.



Awesome Articles




  • If you don’t know about Max Shank you better find out because he’s changing the game. From calisthenics, to strength and power lifting, to functional movement, to Highland Games competitions, to gymnastics, this guy can do it all. Ultimate Athleticism is his credo, a simple approach to transforming anyone into a great athlete. Below are a couple of awesome recent articles from him.





Katy Bowman

  • I had been to Katy Bowman’s website a couple of times in the past, but I really got into her stuff after hearing her on the Joe Rogan Experience ( Her conversation with Joe about “casts” gave me a whole new way of looking at environment and its effects on the anatomy/physiology and functionality of the body. She’s a true revolutionary in movement and healthy living. Here are a couple good February posts from Katy.







eric cressey







New from Higher Performance Network

Below I have the links to some of the information that we put out there during the month of February (and a couple from January). If you like any of the articles please comment or share them with your network. We truly appreciate all of the support and positive energy we’ve received in our first month online!



Brain Shiny








Military Training- NO









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