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Posted by on Dec 31, 2015 in Best of the Year

Best of 2015: Videos & Podcasts

Best of 2015: Videos & Podcasts


Here are a few of our favorite performance-related podcasts and videos from 2015. We included podcasts from The Joe Rogan ExperienceLondon RealThe Tim Ferriss Show, the Aubrey Marcus Podcast (Warrior Poet Podcast), Strength Doc Podcast, & more:


JRE #601 – Katy Bowman

Joe Rogan has biomechanist and Move Your DNA author Katy Bowman on for an interesting conversation on lifestyle, “casts”, and how to move and live as well as possible in our modern world:



JRE #625 – Steve Maxwell

Joe Rogan sits down with personal trainer, BJJ black belt, and all-around badass, Steve Maxwell, for another awesome conversation:



Kelly Starrett – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of CrossFit

The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss, and the Supple Leopard himself, Dr. Kelly Starrett discuss all things CrossFit:



Steven Kotler – The Most Addictive Performance Drug in the World: Flow

Aubrey Marcus Podcast (Warrior Poet Podcast)

Aubrey Marcus and Rise of Superman author Steven Kotler look at flow, why it’s so addictive, and how it helps us to perform our best:



JRE #712 – Wim Hof

Joe has one of the most interesting and accomplished human beings of all time on the podcast, The Iceman, Wim Hof. This was probably our favorite podcast of 2015 and a must-watch for anyone interested in performance, and what the human mind and body are capable of:



Charles Poliquin on Strength Training, Shredding Body Fat, and Increasing Testosterone and Sex Drive

The Tim Ferriss Show

There are few people who’re more accomplished, or more well known, in the strength and conditioning community as Charles Poliquin. Tim Ferriss had him on the show to discuss everything from manual therapy, to nutrition and supplementation, to strength and conditioning at the highest level:



The Strength Doc Podcast 009 – Stu McGill

Dr. John Rusin has an awesome conversation with legendary physical therapist, Dr. Stuart McGill. They discussed sport-specific training, why sit-ups might being doing more harm than good, the future of physical/manual therapy, and much more. All therapists, coaches, and trainers should give this a podcast a listen:


Ido Portal – Just Move & Move or Die

London Real (w/ Brian Rose)

Two brilliant podcasts in which London Real’s Brian Rose sits down with movement master (and perpetual student) Ido Portal. Portal has explored movement deeper than almost any other human being alive and he’s come up with awesome philosophies not only about movement, but also about life itself. You won’t look at movement or the human body the same after listening/watching these podcasts. Above are the first half of each podcast, to watch/listen to them in their entirety, head on over the London Real:


JRE #672 – Dr. Rhonda Patrick

The brilliant Dr. Rhonda Patrick sits down with Joe to discuss the latest in research on health, supplements, recovery practices, and more. You may need a notepad for this one:



Inside the Superhuman World of Wim Hof


Vice came out with a brilliant documentary looking inside the world of Wim Hof. They explore how he developed his skills, what he’s used them for, and how you can start down the road to acquiring his superhuman abilities. A great documentary about one of the most unique and special human beings of all time:


JRE #642 – Rich Roll  

Joe sits down with Rich Roll for another awesome conversation. Rich Roll is well known for being an ultra-athlete who also believes strongly in having a plant-based diet. :


What were your favorite performance-related podcasts and videos from 2015? We’d love to check them out! Connect with us on social media or hit the contact button at the top of the screen.


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