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Posted by on Dec 28, 2015 in Best of the Year

Best of 2015: Research

Best of 2015: Research


Below are a few of the main conclusions that we came to from reading the new research in 2015. Some have links directly to the supporting studies, others to summaries of the studies, and some have links to the always awesome infographics that Yann Le Meur makes for research studies. And while each of these bullets has a number of other research studies that were performed in previous years, we decided to only include research from 2105 (that being said, one or two older studies may have snuck in, forgive us). That means that these conclusions are not all necessarily based on the entire body of evidence in that given subject:














  • You may be thinking that theirs the a huge issue that’s missing here, and you’re right, we haven’t included anything on concussions. It isn’t an area of expertise for us (not that everything else presented here is), but with the amount of new research that came out on head trauma and concussions in 2015, we don’t feel equipped to go through all of it and come to some sort of nice and neat conclusion. If someone out there has already done this, or would be willing to do a review of the research regarding head trauma (TBIs) and concussions, we’d be more than happy to share it!


Here’s are the links to 10 other interesting new research studies from 2015.












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