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Posted by on Dec 26, 2015 in Best of the Year

Best of 2015: Higher Performance Network

Best of 2015: Higher Performance Network


Here’s where we get to plug what we put out there this year. We, at Higher Performance Network, worked hard in our attempt to consistently provide you guys with original, and innovative, content in 2015. I hope that we succeeded in doing so. We want to thank all of you readers for checking our stuff out, supporting it, and sharing it with your people. It’s what keep this site going and it means a lot to us. We compiled a list of our most popular articles and posts for your enjoyment. So without further ado, we’re proud to present the Best of 2015: Higher Performance Network!


The Trilogy of Mobility

Static Stretching

Our most popular series this year was the epic “Trilogy of Mobility” that we put out early in the year. In our first article (and still our most popular article) in this series “The Death of Static Stretching”, we looked at why ¬†traditional stretching is not only not helping you, but why it might actually be hindering your performance. We looked at a ton of research to back this and gave you guys some alternatives for increasing flexibility and getting warmed up before training/competition.

In the second article “The Rise of Mobility”, we looked at why mobility practices have become so huge, and how mobility is one of the most important pillars of good movement. We gave you guys some suggestions for building a mobility practice, and some resources for getting started.

We finished our epic tale with “Bringing Strength to the Region.” After bringing down the cruel dogma of static stretching and installing a more friendly and beneficial mobility practice in it’s place, we had to bring stability to things. We looked at all things stability related- why stability and mobility go hand in hand, why a lack of stability leads to poor movement and injury, and why some areas of the body require more stability than others. We also gave you guys some ways to get started in creating stability in your own body.



Rehab & Injury Prevention in a Fatigued State

Military Training- NO

We came across a couple of research studies early this year that showed that athletes tend to get injured towards the end of games, halves, periods, etc… The authors made the connection that most likely, the players are more tired during these times and that’s somehow causing them to get injured. We looked at that and it made complete sense. If you’ve been an athlete, or worked with athletes, you’ll understand that form (biomechanics) tends to break down when we’re fatigued, and it completely goes out the window when we’re exhausted. We then thought ok, if biomechanics break down when we’re exhausted, and that’s leading to injuries, why then do we train biomechanics, form, and rehab exercises when we’re fresh and not tired? It doesn’t add up. We came up with a proposed solution:



Imagining Your Way to Better Recovery

Brain Shiny

Almost every athlete has, at some point in time, sustained an injury that required them to be in a cast, boot, sling, or locked brace. It’s one of the worst feelings in the world for someone who’s used to having freedom of movement to be immobilized. And not only that, we know that we’re going to lose strength, muscle mass, and have to rehab like crazy to get back to pre-injury status. What if there was a way to reduce some of this strength loss and muscle atrophy? We found a study that showed that by simply imagining moving an immobilized limb, you can decrease muscle atrophy and strength loss by 50%! We explored this idea and came up with a mental rehab program for you guys:



Enter the Mind of the Dragon

This year we honored the 75th birthday (11/27/2015) of one our greatest inspirations and probably the most influential martial artist of all time. Bruce Lee was not only a charismatic actor and revolutionary martial artist, but he also may have been one of the greatest thinkers and philosophers of modern times. We celebrated “The Dragon’s” wisdom in our 8-part series entitled Enter the Mind of the Dragon…

In each post we explore one of our favorite quotes or ideas of Bruce’s. We look at the underlying meanings and how we can relate each idea to our modern quest for ultimate human performance.

Mental Cross-Training: A Different Approach to Getting in the Zone


So often, when we engage in sports psychology practices or mental training, it’s within the context of our sport. It makes sense, if we have mental weaknesses in certain areas of our game, then work on those while playing the game. But with the physical aspects of our game, we don’t only train within the context of our sport. We train in a number of different areas and understand that it’ll transfer over into our game. I think that we need to take this approach to our mental training as well:



Lessons From a Houseplant

leaf-710813_1920 (1)

This summer we took a plant that had lived indoors for two years and stuck it outside. What we saw is that the plant struggled at first, but very quickly it adapted and changed itself so that it was tougher and could better handle the stresses of the outdoors. That got us thinking about the possibility that we could do the same thing to ourselves to become stronger, tougher, and more adaptable. That led us to create our Lessons From a Houseplant series, in which we looked at a number of different areas of our lives (that we have in common with plants) that we can create the circumstances that would allow us to grow stronger and more adaptable. We looked specifically at food, light (sleep and sunlight), and temperature. Check it out:



Hot Yoga Will Make You a Better CrossFitter

We looked at why CrossFit and yoga are a perfect complement for eachother, despite them being about as different as can be in every possible category. We looked at how hot yoga specifically, will really help give you the necessary tools to crush your WOD and transform you into a beast.



Inflammation: Friend or Foe?

Microbiology- NO

We hear so often that inflammation the cause of most, if not all, diseases in the body. It’s responsible for pain and debilitation for millions of people. But is it all bad? Does inflammation have any helpful properties? We explored that idea and came a clearer picture as to the role of inflammation in helping and hurting us.



There Are Two Ways of Spreading Light…


We looked at the message behind one of our favorite quotes and why it’s the inspiration for much of what we do here at Higher Performance Network.



Doctor as Teacher


We wrote a couple of articles on the future of medicine and the way that we interact with our patients/clients as practitioners. We looked at the root of the term doctor, which means “to teach”, and how we can apply this to our own practices to be more successful and better serve our clients. We also looked briefly at the future of medicine and why empowering our patients to become their own everyday doctor is the future.



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