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Posted by on Dec 29, 2015 in Best of the Year

Best of 2015: Articles

Best of 2015: Articles


Over the last year we’ve read a ton of awesome articles, many of which were shared with you guys in our “Best of the Months”. We’ve gone over all of those articles, and some others that we found along the way, and came up with what we feel are the best articles of 2015.

We looked for articles that either gave unique insights into a specific performance-related area, or that effectively challenged conventional dogmas, or that had directly applicable effects to our daily practices. This list is certainly not exhaustive, and there are, for sure, tons of good articles that we’ve missed, or that haven’t made it into this list for whatever reason. We apologize for that. But here’s what we came up with:


Change Your Life in 5 Minutes  

by Max Shank

We are huge fans of Ultimate Athleticism founder Max Shank and his work. This year he started a 5-minute flow campaign to get people moving and exploring their bodies. I personally joined in and 5-minute flow (usually ends up being at least 10 minutes of flowing) has become a crucial part of my daily routine. I do my flow in the morning and it does a great job of getting the body and mind ready for the day. If you want an easy, and hugely beneficial practice to start in 2015, 5-minute flow is a great choice:



Winning the Olimbic Games

by Mike Ritter

Quite simply, the best series of articles that we’ve read on stress and allostatic balance:



Butter in Your Coffee and Other Cons: Stories From a Fitness Insider

by Dick Talens

The fitness, health, and performance industries are fraught with fancy marketing and bullshit products. Everyone wants the have the next thing that will turn them into a super athlete with huge muscles and perfect health. And unfortunately, the business people know this and continually find ways to capitalize on it. Dick Talens shines light on some of the darkness of the fitness world:



The Complete Guide to Foundations & Fallacies of Tissue Regeneration

by Dr. Mario Novo

Our understanding of injury and tissue recovery is advancing rapidly and we made some huge strides in 2015. Dr. Mario Novo brought us up to speed with an exploration of best practices based on the latest science, while also dispelling many common fallacies regarding tissue repair and recovery. This article is a must-read for any sports medicine practitioner, trainer, coach, or athlete:



The History of Physical Fitness

by Erwan Le Corre

Erwan Le Corre explores the history of physical fitness and breaks down where we came from and how we got to where we are today. He also gives us a new paradigm to strive for; one in which we move the way that our bodies were designed to and we challenge our sedentary technologically-driven lifestyles. A fascinating read:


Preventing The ACL Injury Epidemic with Strength and Conditioning

by Dr. Greg Schaible

ACL injuries are on the rise and becoming all-too-common occurrences for athletes across a wide-variety of sports. So how do we turn the tide on this rising wave of injury? Dr. Greg Schaible explores how proper strength and conditioning programs can be the answer:



Movement And Stress: What’s The Connection?

by Dr. Seth Oberst

A big theme for 2015 was the negative role that stress plays in our lives, but most of the research, books, and articles focused on the endocrine system and the role that it plays in our health and well-being. But what about the effect that stress has on our movement, posture, and breathing? This awesome article from Dr. Seth Oberst looks at just that in this article:



Moving Like a Hero 

by Jonathon Mead

An epic 5-part series from Jonathon Mead looking at why we need to change our views on fitness and how we can create daily practices that will ultimately allow us to “move heroically”. This whole series is definitely worth checking out:







“Conversations on CrossFit”

by Dr. John Rusin

with Dr. Kelly Starrett & Dr. Stuart McGill

A couple of our favorite interviews from 2015 were done by The Strength Doc, Dr. John Rusin. He first interviewed physical therapy legend Dr. Stuart McGill on some of the risks of doing CrossFit-style training incorrectly, and why Dr. McGill has a love-hate relationship with CrossFit. A couple of months later Dr. Rusin sat down with The Supple Leopard himself, Dr. Kelly Starrett, to discuss a wide variety of issues within the realms of mobility and CrossFit. Both of the interviews are worth reading whether you do CrossFit or not:




Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect

by Darren Hardy

A glimpse into the mind of excellence and a look at how one of the greatest basketball players of all time approaches his training. An incredibly motivating and inspiring article from Darren Hardy:



Here’s the Strategy Elite Athletes Follow to Perform at the Highest Level 

by Ryan Holiday 

A look at the mental game of some of the highest performers around. Ryan Holiday explores why focusing on “the process” is the best way to breakdown the enormity of any task and get you to where you want to be. The ideas in this brilliant article transcend athletics and can be applied to any great pursuit:



Here are another 15 or so must-read articles from 2015:

















I want to thank everybody on this list for sharing your unique thoughts, perspectives, and techniques with all of us and for advancing the collective understanding of what it means to push the limits of human performance, fitness, and health! I personally have learned a ton this year, and I can’t wait to read what brilliant stuff you guys come up with in 2016!


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