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Posted by on Dec 30, 2016 in Best of the Year

Best of 2016: Videos & Podcasts

Best of 2016: Videos & Podcasts


Here are a few of our favorite performance-related podcasts and videos from 2016. We included great stuff from The Joe Rogan ExperienceThe Tim Ferriss Show, Barbell Shrugged, London Real, Finding Mastery, & many more:


Ido Portal – A Moving Conversation

London Real (Brian Rose)

Ido Portal is one of the most interesting movement experts in the world, not only because of his unique training style and incredible movement skills, but also because of how he approaches movement from a philosophical aspect. We always enjoy any opportunity to hear him speak, but this podcast was particularly interesting because it was done on the move. Thanks to Brain Rose over at London Real for putting this together. The first half of the podcast is above, follow the link below and sign up for a free account to see the whole conversation:



Interview w/ Dr. Seth Oberst, Physical Therapist

Fit For Real Life (Kate Galliett)

Dr. Seth Oberst is one of the most philosophical minds and deep thinkers in the PT and movement world, and Kate Galliett is one of the very best at delivering information in an easily digestible manner. You can imagine then that the two of them together could lead to an awesome podcast, and it did:



Christopher Sommer- The Secrets of Gymnastic Strength Training

The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss had GymnasticBodies founder Christopher Sommer on the podcast twice this year, and both episodes were some of our very favorites of the year. They cover so many different topics in gymnastics, strength training, movement, CrossFit, and much more:



Mobility Myths

Dr. Quinn Henoch

Our favorite new YouTube series from this year came from Dr. Quinn Henoch from Juggernaut Training Systems. He has been exploring a number of “mobility myths”, providing simplistic approaching to a number of the biggest topics in the mobility and movement world. We recommend that you check out all of them:


#756 – Kyle Kingsbury

The Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan has former UFC fighter, deep thinker, and all-around badass on the podcast to discuss a wide variety of topics including the mental game, fat-burning diets, training, fighting, human consciousness, and much more:



Impassioned Take on Movement, Prep, and the Collision of Coach and Clinician

Chris Duffin & Kelly Starrett

Two of the best, Kelly Starrett and Chris Duffin, talk mobility, movement prep, biomechanics, injury reduction/treatment, and more. They also take an interesting look at where the line falls between coaches and clinicians, and what that means for those on either side of it:



Tony Gentilcore: Stability vs. Mobility, Crystallizing Thought | Ep. 80

Align Podcast with Aaron Alexander

Aaron Alexander discusses a wide variety of topics in movement, rehab, stability/mobility, and learning/teaching with Tony Gentilcore, who always seems to be spot-on as well as entertaining:


Steven Kotler: Ultimate Performance

Finding Mastery Podcast (Michael Gervais)

Two of our very favorite explorers of the mental side of performance sit down for an awesome conversation. Michael Gervais and Rise of Superman author Steven Kotler explore all things flow-related:


The Ice Man – Wim Hof Full Interview

Functional Patterns Podcast (Naudi Aguilar)

Wim Hof is a real-life super human, proving scientifically that he can manipulate his physiology in incredible ways and to achieve incredible feats. We feel that he may have the key not only to ultimate human performance, but also to creating total health. He may also hold the knowledge that’s needed to create a better future for all of humanity. Think we’re exaggerating? Try his breathing method and learn for yourself. While we enjoyed all of the numerous podcasts that he was on this year, we particularly like this conversation between the Ice Man and Functional Patterns founder Naudi Aguilar:



#752 – Mark Sisson

 The Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan sits down with Primal Blueprint founder Mark Sisson to discuss “primal living”, fat-burning diets, fueling elite-level fitness, making physical activity fun, aging well, and a number of other interesting and entertaining topics. One of our favorite JREs of the year:


42 – How a Chiro vs PT Treats

The Movement Fix Podcast (Dr. Ryan DeBell)

There’s so much fighting and debate that goes on between chiropractors and physical therapists over who is better trained and who’s approach is the most effective for any number of musculoskeletal issues. The reality however is that the very best clinicians, the people who are pushing the boundaries of sports medicine, are for the most part, doing the same stuff regardless of credentials or background. Dr. Ryan DeBell (chiro) and Jason Shane (PT) prove this point as they share their approaches to some of the most common NMS issues:


Here are a few more of our favorite podcasts/videos from 2016:











What were your favorite performance-related podcasts and videos from 2016? We’d love to check them out! Connect with us on social media or hit the contact button at the top of the screen to share with us.



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