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Want to have your work featured on Higher Performance Network? Have an awesome product, program, or book that you think our readers would enjoy? We’re always looking for guest contributors to be featured on the site, and possibly become regular contributors. We want accomplished and knowledgeable individuals who would like to share original information in any of the following areas: movement practices, training, sports medicine, performance psychology, recovery, nutrition, motivation, or any other topic related to human athletic performance. Here’s a brief outline of what we’re looking for:


What we do want:

  • Unique, original ideas that represent the forefront of thinking and understanding of human performance
  • Something that can be backed up by science (and you have references), or a theory or practice that you can explain using reasonable logic and basic science/human anatomy/physiology or extensive successful personal experience.
  • Something that will cater to the serious athlete/coach/trainer/practitioner
  • Personal experiences of competing, or working within, elite level athletics and training
  • Exploring both sides of complicated topics
  • Articles that present good evidence for why a traditional dogma should be overthrown or doesn’t work


What we don’t want:

  • Another article on putting butter in your coffee, or why foam rolling is a miracle cure, or how goal-setting will help you to reach your dreams (if you think it would go well in a mainstream “lifestyle” magazine/site, it probably wouldn’t work here)
  • Wild claims with no science, or reasonable argument, to support it
  • Articles with a main purpose of blatantly selling products (you can sell the idea behind it, but this site is ad-free for a reason)
  • Articles that are edgy for the sake of being edgy or getting attention, and not for the spreading of good ideas.


Your work must be original and not previously published on any other site or form of print. All pictures/videos must be original and your creative property. In general, we try not to restrict people with word minimums or maximums, but an average length is usually anywhere between 1000 – 2500 words. More or less is certainly ok as long as it’s well-written and engaging.

We have two sections for original writing on the site. The first is the “Blog”, which is designed to be shorter, more conversational, less scientific, more personal, and more philosophical/observational. We also have an “Articles” section, which is where we present usually longer, less personal, pieces with a more professional tone (you can still use humor, but the ideas being presented should be the focus) that have more scientific support and original videos/pictures if applicable. If you have a preference for a piece, please let us know, but in order to maintain the integrity of the site, we’ll post the piece where we feel it fits in best.

Another way to contribute is to send us your own original product, book, or program and we’ll go over it, and determine if it’s applicable to the site and something that our members would use/enjoy. If it is, we’d be more than happy to write a review of it, or have you write a brief post explaining the ideas behind it with links to your stuff.

If you’re interested in contributing, please email us at with a brief bio on yourself, links or copies of your writing, and some ideas for what you would like to contribute. We can work with you on ideas based on your area of expertise and what we feel our readers would enjoy. Once we agree on a piece, we’ll send you more details on the specifics of editing, formatting, and submission.

Don’t hesitate to email us with any questions; we’re fully committed to doing whatever it takes to help great people spread great ideas!


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