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Posted by on Jan 16, 2015 in About HPN

About Higher Performance Network


Who’s this Site For?

This site is intended to provide information for anyone who is on the path towards higher performance, whether you’re the soccer mom who wants to live a healthier and happier life, the professional athlete who’s looking for the extra edge, or the practitioner who wants to better serve their patients.

All are welcome; I only ask that you come with positive intentions. This is a site, and hopefully eventually a community, of people who are looking to lift up themselves and those around them, not for those looking to tear anyone down. You can disagree with information on the site and debate your position strongly, that will always be welcome, just please keep in mind the overall goal of the site.


Good vs. Bad Practitioners, not Discipline vs. Discipline

One of the main goals of this site is to bring together the best practitioners and information from all different areas of healthcare and PerformanceCare. In today’s healthcare system there is a battle being waged between all disciplines. Every group of practitioners is arguing that they deserve a place at the table (or for many, the whole table) because they have the most randomized control trials supporting them, or they’re superiorly trained, or they’re more natural, or they’re more modern, the list goes on and on.

I will save this argument for others out there as I see a place at the table for everyone who has something positive to contribute. I’ve seen groups of practitioners with different titles, and different specialties, work cohesively and with mutual respect. The end result has always been a better experience and better care for the patient. The only way this works though is if the practitioners are great at what they do and they are aware, and open to, what other practitioners do.

There are bad practitioners in all fields, and there are also great ones. I strive to look at what the great ones are doing and either practice that way myself, or have those people on my team so that I can rely on them for help or be able to send a patient to them, knowing without a doubt that they are getting the best care possible. This creation of exceptional teams of practitioners is one of the main ideas behind PerformanceCare and what separates it from run of the mill healthcare.


Scope of Information

As you can probably guess from the above paragraph, Higher Performance Network is all about looking at ideas from as many different aspects of training and healthcare as possible. The only way to truly understand something is to see it from all viewpoints. I think that this applies to health and to optimal performance.

We will look to explore ideas in disciplines such as nutrition/supplementation, physical training, mental training, rehabilitation, recovery, everyday lifestyle changes, and motivation/inspiration. From the treatment side, I want to explore methods from the most archaic and time-tested to the most modern approaches to even the possible future medicines and treatments. All will be explored.


Melding Art and Science, Proof with Experience

The information in this site is intended to be presented with a mix of current scientific research as well as the experiences and art of many of the best practitioners and athletes in the game. We know a lot about the human body and mind, and every day we are finding out more, but we still don’t have answers to some of the simplest questions like where does a thought come from, or what is the spark that causes my neurology to make my fingers type as I want them to.

Science is one of the best tools there is for attempting to figure out what’s going on and it has become the common language for practitioners, trainers, and athletes alike. For this reason, the majority of the posts that you will read on Higher Performance Network will be based directly on the findings of science, hopefully explained in a way that anyone can understand.

That being said, science is only one tool that can be used to arrive at a conclusion, and a heavy emphasis should also be placed on empirical evidence and the art of athletics and medicine. Many great training methods, techniques, and skills have been developed from navigating uncharted waters, so we will explore those waters as well.


If you actually read through this entire post, which I will admit is intended to be just as much of a mission statement and reminder for me as it is for you, then thank you very much and I hope you enjoy the site! Questions and comments are always appreciated!


-Trent Anderson
HPN Founder/Contributor


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